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IMPRESS 4 - Accessible Throne

The IMPRESS 4 is the first fully-equipped cross country harness with an aerodynamically optimised tail spoiler which will fit in any normal paraglider rucksack. This High-End product is more comfortable and sophisticated than ever before – intended for leisure cross country use right up to the cross country champion and competition pilot. First deliveries to our dealers are expected at the beginning of June.
  • Copyright: Felix Wölk
  • Copyright: Felix Wölk
  • Best possible aerodynamics

    Perfect aerodynamics received the highest attention for this High-End harness. The ideal shape results from innumerable CFD analyses in the virtual wind tunnel. An own-design air intake tube of minimal diameter with non-return-valve ensures a solidly inflated tail spoiler. The result is a crease-free, streamlined silhouette for maximum performance.

  • Streamlined
  • A place for it in any paraglider rucksack

    The especially compact IMPRESS 4 will fit in any normal paraglider rucksack – a new characteristic for a fully-operational cross country harness with a drag-reducing tail spoiler. A folding line across the back makes it convenient and easy to pack in the rucksack.

  • Compact
  • With or without a seatboard

    The IMPRESS 4 boasts another revolutionary feature: it can be flown with or without its seatboard, requiring no special restriction or change of settings. With the seatboard you have a harder, more sporty feeling, conveying higher directional stability and direct feedback from the wing. Without it you can enjoy a comfortable and more damped Cruiser-Feeling, conveniently enclosed in the body-conforming seat shell.

  • Dual Mode
  • I achieved my FAI record flight in 2019 with a pre-series IMPRESS 4. I was still relaxed and comfy after 11 hours of flying and 343 km. Such a comfort in a cross country harness is unmatched so far!

    Christian Maurer, 6 times X-Alps winner, FAI-Triangle record holder // Record flight on XContest

Technologies & Features

  • My first flight with the IMPRESS 4 was impressive. I felt comfortable from the beginning. The rear spoiler inflates amazingly fast and has a very high internal pressure. It is filled to the brim during the entire flight and hardly moves at all.

    Aaron Durogati, Worldcup-overall Winner, X-Alps participant // Video Review by Aaron

  • Copyright: Jörg Nuber
  • The IMPRESS Legacy

    The IMPRESS series heralded a new era fifteen years ago and made the reclining harness accessible to a wide section of the public. Incidentally, the initial product was the work of a young Chrigel Maurer. Success did not have long to wait, and the IMPRESS quickly spread within the paragliding world. We continue this tradition with the IMPRESS 4. It is the first dedicated High-End cross country harness with aerodynamically optimised tail spoiler that will fold away in any normal paraglider rucksack. It is intended for leisure cross country pilots up to the champion XC and competition pilot.

Technical Data

    Pilot heightcm155-172165-183178-200
    Seatboard widthcm31.53334.5
    Carabiner heightcm464748
    Weight with protector (ready to fly)kg6.46.66.8
    Load testEN 1651 / LTF 91/09 / 120kgEN 1651 / LTF 91/09 / 120kgEN 1651 / LTF 91/09 / 120kg
    Harness certificationEN / LTFEN / LTFEN / LTF
    Weight rucksackkg1.31.31.3
  • Important: Pilots in the following intermediate height ranges (165 to 172 cms - S or M harness, and 178 to 183 cms - M or L harness) are recommended to test both relevant speedbag sizes for the best fit. The correct speedbag length is fundamental to comfort and a flawless shape.

All-In-One / Scope of delivery

    • COMFORTPACK 3, 130 l IMPRESS-Edition
    • Wind Shield with protective cover
    • Detachable Cockpit
    • Hook Knife
    • Radio Pocket
    • 2 Edelrid «Alias Speed» Carabiners
    • Air intake with NRV
    • Certified foam protector
    • Comfort foam in the back
    • 4 SAS-TEC foam elements
    • Carbon seatboard
    • Anti-G pocket foam blank
    • 30 mm Ronstan speed system pulleys
    • Carbon foot plate
    • Speed System
    • 2 Reserve container (left and right)
    • 2 reserve connection lines (one fitted)
    • Reserve compartment blank
    • Blank reserve pins
  • Copyright: Felix Wölk
  • Copyright: Felix Wölk


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