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Toma Coconea

Name: Toma Coconea
Date of Birth: 1975
Nationality: Romanian
Pilot since: 1991

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Why do I want to fly for the ADVANCE X-Alps Team?

Some time ago, in a spontaneous context, I flew with an Advance paraglider and I liked it a lot. I have always liked professional equipment that supports high performance and I have always respected the Advance team for what they have built. I appreciate the quality, the attention to detail and the fact that they have succeeded in combining the ease of piloting, performance and  speed with stability and safety.

My wing represents a common front with me, it's part of me in flight and I'm glad that this union is possible thanks also to the paraglider provided by Advance. I can hardly wait to fly to the Red Bull X-Alps with the newest Advance paraglider.

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Which are my favourite flying spots?

I appreciate many places in the Alps where I made long and technical flights. Of course, in my heart the Carpathians occupy a special place, being my home. In the Himalayas, I also made altitude flights and appreciated the microclimate from there in each camp.

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What is my goal?

I'm currently focusing on Red Bull X-Alps where I wish to have a performant race with great flights and also I plan to enjoy every moment from of this epic race.

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Best paragliding achievement:

I participated in all Red Bull X-Alps editions, finishing 2nd twice, in 2007 and 2011; In the X-Pyr 2014 I won 3rd place; Several times I have been national champion.

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