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Aaron Durogati

Name: Aaron Durogati
Date of Birth: 1986
Nationality: Italian
Pilot since: 2001

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Why do I want to fly for the ADVANCE X-Alps Team?

Since i was a young pilot i always liked the advance brand and now i got the chance to become part of the team. With the advance products i feel very comfortable while flying and i think this is the most important aspect on a race like rb x alps.

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Which are my favourite flying spots?

I love to fly in Merano

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What is my goal?

My goal is to have a great adventures , stay safe and of course try to win the RedBull X-Alps.

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Best paragliding achievement:

2 times world cup super final winner
finished 2 times rb x alps in monaco in 7th and 6th place

finished 2 times x-pyr in nd2 and 3rd place

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