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Tim Pentreath

Name: Tim Pentreath
Date of Birth: 1964
Nationality: Great Britain
Harness: LIGHTNESS 2
Pilot since: 1990

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Why do I want to fly for the ADVANCE XC Serial Team?

I’ve flown Advance gliders since 1998 and enjoy being part of a team of great pilots representing the best paragliding brand!

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Which are my favourite flying spots?

In the UK some of my biggest flights have been from small hills, so any hill, however small, is good for me :-) Having said that, I love flying in Scotland – the terrain is wild and remote, and every flight is an adventure..

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What is my goal?

I’d really like to achieve 1000 points in the UK XC league. Of course, with points multipliers for declared flights, this doesn’t necessarily equate to flying 1000kms.
I’m also planning a ten day XC Safari from St-Andre-les-Alps to the Dolomites this summer with a group of friends. We’ll have a minibus supporting us, so it’s not hard core vol-biv, but it should be a huge adventure all the same!

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Best paragliding achievement / nicest flying experience

Flying 220kms in the UK last summer was the highlight of my flying career to date – it never ceases to amaze me how far our fold-up flying machines can carry us given the right conditions!