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XI – Allround Tourer

The light and compact Performance-Intermediate XI from 3.4 kg meets the needs of a diverse range of pilots. This statement has again been reinforced by the many positive feedback responses we have received – not least from the latest test reports from Parapente+ and Thermik magazines. Their conclusion? The XI is a splendid allrounder, that really has the ideal qualities of an Adventure/Hike-to-Fly wing: the thermally-inclined local pilot, the cross country enthusiast to include the Vol-Biv professional can all gain a lot from the XI.
Picture: Adi Geisegger
  • "Despite the High-B genes the XI is pronouncedly damped, easy to fly as well as collapse and stall resistant. It has low dynamic and feelable brake loading but even so the XI is agile and controllably manoeuvrable, even in strong turbulence. This makes it a sensational thermaling wing."

    Thermik Magazine, Issue 7_2020

  • The XI is clearly one of the best, if not indeed THE best compromise between performance, weight, volume and simplicity. Its playfulness and compactness make the XI enjoyable for all types of flying – from the first playing on the ground to 200km+.

    Parapente+ Issue 470

  • A safe, performant glider capable of 100k flights, enjoyable to fly in all conditions, to take on great Alpine adventures. On top it is compact and light...and keeps you out of the clutches of the chiropractor. The Xi is as good as it gets!

    Skywings Feb 2019
    Online Review

  • "I would have no hesitation in taking this wing on a big trip or into the wilderness. It feels safe while retaining strong performance and those are wonderful character traits for a glider built to help you explore places you might never otherwise go."

    Cross Country
    Issue 199

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I would have no hesitation in taking this wing on a big trip or into the wilderness.

Ed Ewing, Cross Country

Up-to-date test reports

"Thermik magazine describes the XI as gentlemanly. Unruffled, well-mannered, it grants the pilot every wish without a hint of complaint. As much as you may look for them, it puts on no airs and graces. Its charm - and its true character - can only be recognized when it is really “cannonballed”: Here the XI pilot is the most relaxed one in the sky. The complete report can be found the current Thermik magazine

"In Parapente+ the XI is headlined as a “beautiful machine”. Playful and refined, a real flying toy that’s just waiting to pile up the kilometres. The wing is agile, light and compact. With its accessible performance it is designed for Adventure as well as Hike&Fly pilots and flying globetrotters. The complete report in French is in Issue 470.

Fly until day is done. The XI allows its pilot to concentrate on other things.

Franz Altmann, Thermik Magazine

  • "The XI is very easy to launch, and simple to fly. If you have some experience on a low B (Progression Class) wing, the XI would present no challenge to you, but will certainly boost your performance."

    Online Review

  • " For a light high performance B, the XI is a nice companion for travel, hike and fly, and XC. The overall performance is among the top B’s. Nice handling, pleasure feel in thermals, and a small packing volume."

    Ziad Bassil
    Online Review

  • The Xi is a great success, surfing on the Iota 2 wave, but lighter still! In fact, it opens up even more horizons, with even more comfort for hike and fly and obvious in-flight efficiency.
    Online Review

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