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SIGMA 10: Precise, stable, high performance

The SIGMA 10 comes out in Spring 2017 – now in five sizes.

Precise, stable, good performance: In Spring 2017 there will be a SIGMA 10 - now in five sizes! Even smoother wing surfaces distinguish this ADVANCE High End cross country wing – the result of another first time use of 3-way 3D Diamond panel-shaping on the upper and lower surfaces. This makes the EN/LTF C Sportster enjoyable to fly for many hours, the best condition for epic cross country flights...


ADVANCE Testpilots Michi Maurer and Patrick von Känel working on the latest SIGMA 10 prototypes in the Schilthorn region (Switzerland). This seems to be real fun! They only stopped working after sunset... The proto looks very promising. The SIGMA 10 will be launched in spring 2017.

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