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OMEGA XALPS - Speed of Light

Chrigel Maurer and Sebastian Huber chose the OMEGA XALPS for the 2015 X-Alps: and a good choice it was. These two exceptional pilots achieved first and second! They flew more than 1000 kilometres in seven days, under very challenging conditions. This shows the sort of high average speed that is routinely possible with this wing. The EN/LTF D certified OMEGA XALPS is the perfect wing for cross country pilots with ambitions.
    • The OMEGA XALPS plays its best cards while accelerated in turbulent air. The pilot then enjoys the advantages of high structural stability with balanced pitch behaviour. The speed system is perfectly tuned to the wing profile, and the easy-to-push speed loop helps to keep the speed up. The highest value card is the exceptional top speed, actually flyable in bumpy conditions.

    • Computer-analysed structural weight-optimisation is an ADVANCE State-of-the-Art method used in all the serial wings. This technology was further refined for the OMEGA XALPS – specifically directed at achieving minimum weight, in some detail. The use of fabric inside the wing has been considerably pared down. New, multiple slash diagonals are narrower than ever, and the Ripstop weave of every strip exactly aligned with the computed tension vector. This achieves maximum robustness, shape stability and lifespan.

    • For its relatively low wing area the OMEGA XALPS climbs very well and has a great glide. Both of these qualities are essential for outstanding cross country flying, not forgetting a successful X-Alps attempt. Chrigel Maurer makes this point: “While you circle, 50% is in the wrong direction”.

  • The total concept of the wing is new, and concerns itself with the compromise of light canopy weight and high performance.

    Christian Maurer

  • The wing delivers a successful combination of low weight with very good climbing qualities and a super feeling in thermals.

    Sebastian Huber

  • It has been my absolute privilege to be able to share my wishes and ideas with the ADVANCE development team, and fly and evaluate the prototypes – until the wing was ready.

    Christian Maurer

  • At just 3.15 kg in my size it must surely be the lightest X-Alps wing ever made! 

    Sebastian Huber

X-Alps Series 2015


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fold faq

Is the OMEGA XALPS a genuine cross country wing?

Yes - the OMEGA XALPS was specifically intended for cross country, and it demonstrated exactly that during the world’s hardest paraglider race. Chrigel Maurer and Sebastian Huber covered well over 1000 flying kilometers in 7 days during the competition, sometimes under the most difficult conditions! While doing this they averaged more than 30 kph. More about the OMEGA XALPS’ suitability for everyday cross country flying can be read under “How robust is the OMEGA XALPS?” above. To make takeoff handling as straightforward as possible the cross country wing comes with normal, easy-to-manage risers with quicklinks. Lightweight risers for ultimate Hike & Fly use can be ordered as an optional extra.

fold faq

Why was the OMEGA XALPS certified with folding lines?

For modern high performers new collapse resistant profiles with A lines positioned further from the leading edge leads to altered simulated collapse behaviour. It is not  possible to simulate the collapse required by the certification regulations by using the normal lines, so extra folding lines are fitted to achieve the required wing folding (‘breaking’ or collapse) shape. This is the case with the OMEGA XALPS. This means that the OMEGA XALPS, like all wings certified using folding lines, has a more dramatic reaction to a simulated collapse if achieved by using the normal A lines. This fact deserves special attention from pilots who choose to do accelerated side and front collapses, whether in safety training, or just for practice! IMPORTANT: This simulated collapse behaviour does not apply to the real collapse that may occur spontaneously due to a turbulence-related gust. in general, ADVANCE advise against performing too much extreme manoeuvring with lightweight wings: this also applies to safety training.

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How robust is the OMEGA XALPS?

Because the new lightweight cross country OMEGA XALPS wing only weighs a little over 3 kg, its robustness and longevity invited a lot of attention from us. High quality Porcher Skytex 27 light cloth is used for most of the surface, but the leading edge, which bears the greatest loads, is made from more robust Skytex 32. In general on the OMEGA XALPS stronger fabrics are used locally in places of high loading. This was possible because ADVANCE’s own development software can simulate the force vectors for the whole wing in every direction. The new diagonal tapes are, for example, exactly aligned with the stress direction, in such a way that the weave is not subjected to diagonal loading. The position and size of the weight-saving crossports (cut-outs) in the ribs similarly take the predominant forces into account. Possible long term fabric deformations can be thus avoided. A further indication of a strong structure is the 8g load test based on 150 kg, which the OMEGA XALPS survived. Incidentally this is one of the highest values that ADVANCE has ever achieved for a paraglider.

But the label still says “Handle with Care”. The more carefully the product is looked after the longer it will last.

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Which size of OMEGA XALPS should I choose?

Our experience with the OMEGA XALPS shows that it is more precise to steer in the upper part of its weight range (22: 85 -95 kg/24: 100 – 110 kg), and is generally more lively. In large weak thermals the climb will naturally be better at lower wing loadings. Conclusion: the choice of size, especially in the overlapping areas between 90 and 95 kg, depends very much on personal preference and flying environment.

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What are the pilot requirements for the OMEGA XALPS?

The OMEGA XALPS is an easy performance wing in the lower EN/LTF D area. Pilot requirements are similar to those for an OMEGA 8, or any of the past ADVANCE OMEGA series – in general terms.

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Which risers come with the OMEGA XALPS?

The serial version of the OMEGA XALPS is delivered as standard with normal, easy-to-manage risers with quicklinks (add 180 gm to the glider weight): these risers are easier to handle, more reliable for correct takeoff arrangement, are more comfortable in the hand. The original X-Alps risers can be ordered as an extra (extra charge) and you can fit them yourself.

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Why does Chrigel Maurer have his own colour scheme?

Chrigel wants to compete in this X-Alps with something that pays tribute to all his previous successes with ADVANCE – hence his OMEGA XALPS in the retro colours. Apart from this colour scheme his wing is identical to that of Sebastian Huber - the second ADVANCE athlete. Sebastian prefers something more up-to-date, and has the standard colours for the new ADVANCE lightweight performance wing.


    • OMEGA XALPS 2224
      Flat surfacem222.824.8
      Certified takeoff weightkg75 - 9590 - 110
      Glider weight with standard riserskg3.403.55
      Glider weight with light riserskg3.203.35
      Aspect ratio6.96.9
      Number of cells6363
      Max. sym. brake travel at max. weightcm6262
      CertificationEN / LTF DEN / LTF D
      Number of risers33

      The weight of the wing can vary by up to 100g due to unavoidable manufactured fluctuations in the density of such light fabric.

      The wing comes with conventional risers incl. quicklinks.

  • Leading edge Porcher Sport Skytex 32 universal
    Main color Porcher Sport Skytex 27 classic 2
    Designstripe Porcher Sport Skytex 32 universal
    Lower surface Porcher Sport Skytex 27 classic 2
    Profiles Porcher Sport Skytex 40 hard finish
    Unsuspended profiles Porcher Sport Skytex 27 hard finish
    Steering lines Edelrid A-7850-240
    Brake lines Edelrid A-8000U-050/70
    Main lines Edelrid A-8000U-230/070/090/130/135/190
    Galery lines Edelrid A-8000U-070/090/130/050
    • Repair Kit
    • Miniwindsock



    • Compressbag XALPS
    • Compressbag XALPS
Riser original (360g)
Riser light (180g)



Color: White
no special color available


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