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ALPHA 5 - Flying essentials

You want to live your dream of flying. As a beginner or leisure pilot you’d like a paraglider that you can trust 100%. The ALPHA 5 has this essential quality. It is the classic for first flights – and more! This  5th generation of the ALPHA line builds on more than 20 years’ experience of paraglider-making, and includes the latest technology.
    • Light build, easy to take off. This simple formula means that your first ALPHA 5 pull-ups become an unforgettable experience. New Nylon wires hold the leading edge profile in perfect shape. Greatly reduced canopy weight and characteristic ADVANCE semi-circular air intakes make the ALPHA takeoff a simple affair.

    • Analytically designed cross ports in the cell walls make a significant contribution to safety. They improve air transfer across the inside of the wing, so improving passive safety. The ALPHA 5’s compact shape makes it very straightforward to deal with, keeping you feeling good from the moment you get into the air.

    • The ALPHA 5 doesn’t just make your first flights a lot of fun. A special design feature is internal diagonal ribs. Together with an optimised line plan this means noticeably better performance and the top speed in the A classification. With the ALPHA 5 you can make real headway in exploring the countryside.


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Why is the ALPHA 5 especially suitable as a beginner’s glider?

The ALPHA 5 has very easy takeoff qualities. It has very stable flying qualities and does not allow over-strong or mistaken brake inputs to build much energy. Analytically optimised cross-ports contribute to high passive safety. Crossports are holes in the ribs that allow lateral air transfer during inflation at takeoff, and to counter canopy deformations. The ALPHA 5 also has a deep brake stall point, clearly indicated to the pilot by strongly increasing brake pressure.

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Why is the ALPHA 5 so easy to take off?

Reduced canopy weight and the introduction of profiling Nylon wires makes the ALPHA 5 extremely easy to take off. These plastic rods keep the leading edge in shape, so that the important airflow pattern around the leading edge of the wing always sets up well. This is one property, that along with the choice of wing profile and semi-circular intakes, is responsible for the wing’s easy takeoff qualities.

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What makes the ALPHA 5 different from a basic beginner wing?

The ALPHA 5 is one of those very few wings of the A classification that has diagonal ribs. This elaborate design allows a significant reduction of total line length, thus contributing to higher performance. This makes the ALPHA 5 quite different from a basic beginner wing.

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Can I continue to fly my ALPHA 5 after training?

Yes. The ALPHA 5 gives you high passive safety and is stable in thermals, but It also performs very well because of its diagonal ribs: with a top speed of 47 km/h the ALPHA 5 is one of the fastest A classified wings, at the same time ensuring that the pilot keeps a comfortable safety margin. These qualities provide the basics, encourage more adventurous flights, and safely support the pilot’s first long flights.

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How can the ALPHA 5 be so robust, even though it is much lighter?

New technology makes it possible to simulate the loads inside the wing structure and therefore assist the efficient choice of materials. The ALPHA 5 is the lightest glider in its class. Robust and shape-holding Nylon wires in the leading edge replace heavy Mylar fabric. Despite weight reduction the ALPHA 5 is however a very robust glider. The introduction of continuous diagonal ribs and the use of the Smart Sail System at the leading edge also account for a very robust wing.

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What is new in the ALPHA 5 design?

The ALPHA 5 was designed using new development software. The ALPHA 5 aspect ratio has been increased by 1/10, the line plan optimised, and continuous diagonals contribute to a clean upper wing surface. But also the interior of the ALPHA 5 has been further improved: optimised cross ports provide for better internal air transfer, enabling the wing to stabilise itself faster.

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What is the ALPHA 5 handling like?

One aim of ALPHA 5 development was, among other things, to refine the handling further. This was primarily achieved by significantly reducing the canopy weight. The result is a refined and slightly more direct handling compared with the Alpha 4. Despite this improved handling it was possible to lengthen the effective brake travel and thereby further improve the stall behaviour. The ALPHA 5 pilot achieves the same wing response with less brake travel than with the last Alpha.

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Dynamic flying in the extended weight range

The ALPHA 5 has been developed bearing in mind the interests of the acro pilot generation: The upper weight limit of the EN/LTF A certified 23, 26 and 28 sizes lies approximately 15 kg above the recommended weight range. If the ALPHA 5 is flown in its upper weight area the higher wing loading will result in a higher trim speed, and a more dynamic and agile flying behaviour. The fact that the ALPHA 5 keeps its EN/LTF A at the raised wing loading confirms its high level of passive safety.

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Does the ALPHA 5 have paramotor approval?

As well as its EN/LTF certification the ALPHA 5 also has Paramotor approval (LTF 23 05) for the 26, 28 and 31 sizes. You can find the technical data as well as Information on operating conditions, flying qualities and certification in an appendix to the ALPHA 5 manual.

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What sets ADVANCE products apart from other paragliders?

From ALPHA to OMEGA there’s one unique principle – ADVANCE has included innovations and the well-tried details of 20 years’ experience in ALPHA 5 development.


  • The distinctive winglets reduce induced drag (vortex-effect) and improve directional behaviour.
  • The Smart Sail System works at the leading edge: The RipStop weave is exactly aligned with the tension forces, thus avoiding distortion of the cloth.
  • The “Ring-Raff-System” brakes the wingtip first when a steering input is applied, where the brake creates the best turning moment. This makes steering response more harmonised and handling more direct.



Standard colours

Special colours
Leading edge:
Bottom sail like top sail
selected color-code:
White bottom sail
Bottom sail: with this combination only a white bottom sail is possible


Because of its good takeoff qualities, high stability and compactness the ALPHA 5 is ideally suitable for paramotoring. The EN/LTF certified Hybrid-Risers, which can also be used for flight without the motor, are recommended.

  • The Hybrid-Risers are fitted with two different hang points, so that the best match of harness and motor system can be achieved without having to change the brake line length.

    The trimmers can be used for counteracting the turning effect of the motor, and adjusting the airspeed. For flight without a motor the trimmer loops can be hooked into the main carabiners, so as to keep the normal EN 926-2/LTF 91-09 certification status.

    The Hybrid-Risers have a speed system, which can be used when flying without the motor.



  • Provided that it is equipped with the Hybrid-Risers appropriate to the glider size the ALPHA 5 has LTF 23-05 certification for sizes 26, 28 and 31 as well as EN 926-2/LTF 91-09 certification. The certified weight ranges are shown in tables below.

    LTF 23-05 *EN/LTF **
    ALPHA 5/2685 – 135 kg70 – 110 kg
    ALPHA 5/2885 – 135 kg

    85 – 125 kg

    ALPHA 5/31110 – 135 kg

    100 – 130 kg

     * Pilot, glider, equipment and motor ** Pilot, glider, equipment

    Type of specification EAPR Paramotor


    Fiches d'identification DGAC

  • The certification test flights are carried out with a commercially available motor. Other types of motor can be approved by the the EAPR subject to an approved compatibility/handling test. A complete list of motors already certified can be reviewed here:

 Test the ALPHA 5 
Test the ALPHA 5
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