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OMIKRON: New Acro wing

Can you do acro? We can! OMIKRON – once just a rumour, now it’s for real. In April ADVANCE launch a serial acro wing - for the first time in the company’s 27 year history.

The new OMIKRON combines well-balanced high level dynamics with uncomplicated handling, and is directed at keen acro pilots and professionals. It was developed by acro pilots who know what they’re doing: you can tell this from your first flight.

The OMIKRON has power - if you ask for it - but surplus energy can always be reined in very efficiently with the brakes, so the pilot always has the wing under control. The wing’s Infinity behaviour is very harmonic and malleable, giving the pilot the option of surprisingly low peak g loading. The OMIKRON maintains in the vertical for longer by itself, so the pilot has less correcting to do. The helicopter is also very easy to fly. The rotation rate can be very efficiently adjusted by inside brake, and the canopy itself helps to damp out oscillations. But a flight says more than a thousand words. So: get up there and throw some down! OMIKRON – Dynamic has never been so easy!

The new ADVANCE Acro wing is available in two sizes, 17 and 18, is very strongly built and intended for a long life. Its qualities and notable appearance have already been demonstrated – as a proto – in 2015, at the Coupe Icare in St. Hilaire and the World Air Games in Dubai.

We expect the first wings to be delivered in April.