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AXESS 3 AIR - Compact Allrounder

The AXESS 3 AIR is a very light and comfortable compact harness, with a Hybrid Airbag.  As a genuine allrounder this harness is ideally suited for both leisure pilots and beginners. The AXESS 3 AIR makes pure enjoyment of hours-long thermaling flights.
  • Much freedom of movement on the ground and easy sliding back into the seat after takeoff – these are two of the strengths that show off the AXESS 3 AIR. In addition, redesigned harness geometry makes adjustment simple, and improved back support offers excellent comfort.


  • The AXESS 3 AIR has an exceptionally small packed volume, due to the highly compressible Hybrid Airbag. Delivered with a carbon seatboard as standard, this allround harness has an impressively low weight of around 3.5kg. The AXESS 3 AIR’s elegant look is a result of ADVANCE 3D design technology.


  • The Hybrid Airbag automatically takes on its working shape and full volume immediately after unpacking. The foam framework inside the protector makes sure that it directly and independently fills with air while still on the ground – without the need for continuous airflow. This novel system provides a high level of passive safety, from the first to last moment of your flight.



    • Well-proven and simple ADVANCE two-buckle combined chest-and-leg-strap closure system
    • Shoulder strap support points for the reserve
    • Carbon seatboard
    • Velcro on the shoulder strap for a Solario
    • 2 integral side pockets
    • Speed system fixtures
    • Slot for Camelback tube
    • Provision for foot stirrup (foot stirrup available as an option)


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Which pilots is the AXESS 3 AIR suitable for?

The AXESS 3 AIR is a genuine all-round harness with a wide range of use. It is equally suitable for leisure pilots and beginners. The reworked harness geometry makes it easy to adjust, allows a high degree of freedom of movement on the ground and ensures easy slipping back into the seat after takeoff. These qualities make the AXESS 3 AIR not only perfect for flying school work, but long thermal flights also turn out to be a comfortable pleasure.

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Why is the AXESS 3 Air so light and compact?

At only 3.5 kg total weight the AXESS 3 Air is the lightest harness of its class. An innovative Airbag protector and the careful choice of materials are the main reasons for the minimal weight and small volume when packed. In addition, the AXESS 3 comes with a carbon seatboard and aluminium carabiners as standard. When combined with an ADVANCE EASYPACK the AXESS 3 AIR can confidently stand comparison with a reversible harness in terms of compactness and weight!

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What is innovative about the AXESS 3 AIR protector?

The air protector with a foam skeleton has the weight and compactness of a conventional airbag, but provides the protection of a foam protector, because it is fully functioning before takeoff. The Airbag consists of a framework of PU walls, like the ribs and frames in a ship’s hull. The opposing tensions between these walls pull the airbag into shape. Although it compresses down exceptionally small, this protector takes up its shape and full volume immediately after unpacking, and is already providing its maximum protection at takeoff. This concept, devised by ADVANCE, was introduced with the AXESS 2 and has now been further developed and improved in the AXESS 3.

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What are the advantages of the ADVANCE two-buckle closure system?

As the name suggests, the ADVANCE system for closing the harness straps has been reduced to two buckles; the AXESS 3 Air is secured (as with all other ADVANCE harnesses) by only two buckles. The safety of this system is already proven, and ADVANCE has successfully used this technology on all its harness models for many years. Conventional harness closure systems need at least three buckles.

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What are the advantages of the ADVANCE 3D design?

The AXESS 3 Air was developed using ADVANCE’s own 3D CAD software. This means that the process of analysing the curved shapes was done by the software. The result is a knock-on effect of real advantages for the pilot. On the one hand the product ends up with perfect shaping and correctly-managed stressing, resulting in an elegant shape, fewer creases and, finally, improved aerodynamics. On the other, comfort also benefits from a precise design of the desired, ergonomic shape.

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Can I fit a foot stirrup to my AXESS 3 AIR?

Yes. You can use the stirrup that was specially designed for the AXESS 3 AIR – available as an optional extra. High attachment points best support the legs and keep them relaxed. Elasticated locating strops at the seatboard make it impossible for the stirrup to get caught up in, or otherwise interfere with the reserve parachute. Individual fitting steps are described in detail in the AXESS 3 AIR manual. This official stirrup is part of the EN/LTF certification.

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Can the AXESS 3 AIR protector be exchanged?

Yes, the AXESS 3 AIR protector can be changed because it lives in its own compartment inside the harness, and is not sewn into the outer body. This makes sense if the protector gets damaged, for example after a hard crash.

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How should I look after the AXESS 3 protector?

For long protector life the harness must be stored open and dry. Otherwise the Airbag needs no special care, except that, after a crash, it should definitely be inspected for external signs of damage. If damage is found the Airbag must be replaced. The harness must not be stored for extended periods close to aggressive substances or in excessive heat.

Technical Data

  • AXESS 3 AIR   S M L
    Pilot height cm 155 - 172 165 - 187 175 - 202
    Seatboard width cm 34 35.5 37
    Seatboard length cm 38 41 43
    Carabiner height cm 42 44 46
    Chest strap width cm 44-54 44-54 44-54
    Weight of harness kg 3.3 3.5 3.65
    Load test   EN 1651, 120 kg    
    Airbag certification   LTF 91/09    
    Colours   chocolate/vivid blue    
  • Outer covering Nylon Ripstop 210D PU 2
    Inner covering Nylon Oxford 210D, Ripstop 70D, LNT-6078
    Main and Shoulder straps Polyester 28 mm 1500 kg
    Leg straps Polyester 25 mm 1400 kg
    Chest straps Polyamid 28 mm 1500 kg
    Safe-T-buckle-System Alu Buckle Austri Alpin
    Airbag Foam-assisted; Hybrid
    • AXESS 3 AIR harness with carbon seat board
    • 2 Aluminium main carabiners (Alias)
    • Reserve parachute bridle and deployment handle with associated four flap inner container
    • Speed lines with carbon speedbar
    • Hold-back for the speed bar
    • Booklet "Getting started"


    • foot stirrup
  • The AXESS 3 AIR has been tested and approved in accordance with the LTF 91/09 and DIN EN-Norm 1651 requirements at 120 kg operating weight. The associated deployment handle connected to its four flap inner container conform to the latest certification requirements of the LTF 91/09.


 Test the AXESS 3 
Test the AXESS 3