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Would you rather be flying or packing? This quickpack rucksack helps you concentrate on the essentials - flying. At 900 gm the FASTPACK is a light but robust packing system that leaves nothing to be desired. Numerous features make it an essential accessory, especially when that second flight might make all the difference.
    • Lie the mushroomed wing on the FASTPACK, risers in their pocket and harness on top. Close the bag and stow your helmet, gloves and jacket. Go for the lift!

    • Special design makes packing very easy and leaves enough space for clothing. The FASTPACK has all the qualities of a rucksack and delivers much more than you’d expect.

    • As much as you need - as light as possible. We’ve only included what makes sense, but even so you’ll be amazed by the details. Everything focuses equally on light and robust, so we have specially strengthened the stressed places so that you can enjoy what the FASTPACK has to offer – year after year.



  • Volume: 160l

  • Weight: 900g

  • Colour: Lime