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OMEGA XALPS 3 - Challenge Yourself

The new Light-Racer is a latest generation two-liner, made for the greatest demands under extreme conditions. No less than top favourite Chrigel Maurer, Aaron Durogati, Toma Coconea and Patrick von Känel will be setting out for the hardest paraglider race in the world with the OMEGA XALPS 3. Its exceptional performance and compact light build also makes the OMEGA XALPS 3 the first choice for ambitious cross country pilots.
  • The advantages of this latest two-liner generation are convincingly clear. Its handling is much easier and the weight is the same as earlier three-liners, but it gives you an unbelievably splendid feeling in flight.

    Christian Maurer, 5 times X-Alps winner

  • NewGen two-liner concept clearly asserts itself

    During the last two years the ADVANCE development team have built more than 30 prototypes and tried out countless new concepts. Chrigel Maurer himself, together with ADVANCE test pilot and X-Alps first-timer Patrick von Känel, has been part of the project – testing and assessing the project from an athletes point of view This extensive R&D has paid off, and previously insurmountable technological boundaries have been swept aside.

  • NewGen two-liner
  • The OMEGA XALPS 3 is absolutely the easiest two-liner that I’ve ever flown. And all that with impressive performance. For me that is a decisive X-Alps criterion.

    Aaron Durogati, Worldcup-overall Winner, X-Alps participant

  • Picture: Gabriele Seghizzi / Pilot: Aaron Durogati
  • Picture: Gabriele Seghizzi / Pilot: Aaron Durogati
  • Easy to manage and extremely good performance

    The OMEGA XLPS 3 is special as a two-liner because of its heretofore unattainable mix of performance, simplicity and minimal weight. With aspect ratio of 6.95 and a mere 63 cells it is very simple and compact to live with, and delivers an exceptionally agreeable feeling in flight: but this with massively better performance and the same weight as an equivalent three-liner. These are exactly the qualities that not only X-Alps athletes desire, but also ambitious cross country pilots.

  • highly performant
  • To be allowed to keep a clear head in difficult conditions – so that I can fully concentrate – these are my requirements for an X-Alps wing. And they have never been so well fulfilled as with the OMEGA XALPS 3, my first two-liner, by the way.

    Toma Coconea, X-Alps runner up 2007 and 2011

  • Ultralight inner structure thanks to High-Tech Nitinol Wires

    For weight-saving the OMEGA XALPS 3 not only has the signature Sliced Diagonals Technology inside, but also ultralight High-Tech Nitinol Wires around the profiles. These new high grade alloy wires are not only much lighter than conventional Nylon versions, but virtually cannot get bent out of shape. This is a great advantage for fast and compact packing in the X-Alps.

  • High-Tech
  • The OMEGA XALPS 3 provides simplicity – not only in flight, but for packing. The Nitinol Wires make it very compact to pack, and it keeps its shape.

    Patrick von Känel, ADVANCE test pilot and X-Alps participant

  • Picture: Gabriele Seghizzi / Pilot: Aaron Durogati
  • Picture: Gabriele Seghizzi / Pilot: Aaron Durogati
  • Available at the end of June

    Our four X-Alps athletes already have their contest gliders and are currently finishing their preparations. From June the 15th they will be battling it out on the X-Alps. The OMEGA XALPS 3 has EN-D certification which was gained at the end of March, as required by X-Alps rules. The new Light-Racer will be issued in three 22, 23 and 24 sizes. First serial wings are expected to appear at the end of June.

  • coming soon

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Technical data

    • OMEGA XALPS 3 222324
      Flat surfacem221.822.824.4
      Projected surfacem218.5519.420.76
      Certified takeoff weightkg75-8785-9795-110
      Glider weightkg3.53.63.8
      Projected spanm9.9110.13510.48
      Aspect ratio6.956.956.95
      Projected aspect ratio5.295.295.29
      Number of cells636363
      Number of risers2+12+12+1
      CertificationEN/LTF DEN/LTF DEN/LTF D

      The weight of the wing can vary by up to 100g due to unavoidable manufactured fluctuations in the density of such light fabric.

Social Media Feed

  • Posted by Team Chrigel Maurer on Thursday, 30 May 2019

    kleine aber hohe Spritztour mit dem neuen Red Bull X-Alps Material Advance Paragliders Omega X-Alps 3 23 3600g | ADVANCE Lightness X-Alps 1300g

    Posted by Team Chrigel Maurer on Tuesday, 4 June 2019

    OMEGA XALPS 3 Hauptprobe Team Chrigel Maurer gewinnt anlässlich der X-Alps Vorbereitung das Gantrisch Hike & Fly in der...

    Posted by Advance Paragliders on Monday, 27 May 2019

    A bit windy takeoff

  • vor 24 Stunden- soaring mit Sepp Inniger über dem #finsteraarhorn - hoch über Red Bull X-Alps Turnpoint #eiger #mönch...

    Posted by Team Chrigel Maurer on Friday, 31 May 2019

    Flying around on my omegaxa3

    Dear ☝

    Team SUI 2 flying over 4400asl at 7am | Finsteraarhorn | Red Bull X-Alps Team SUI2

    Yesterday Patrick, Sepp and Chrigel experienced the most impressive flight of their flight career. Still inspired by many & unforgettable moments, we are happy to share this video with you Gestern durften Patrick, Sepp und Chrigel den wohl eindrücklichsten Flug unserer Flugkarriere erleben. Immer noch beflügelt von vielen & unvergesslichen Momenten, teilen wir gerne dieses Video mit euch.. Advance Paragliders #omegaxalps3 #finsteraarhorn ONEDAY #happynes Red Bull X-Alps #flying Team Chrigel Maurer

    Posted by X-Alps Team SUI2 von Känel / Inniger on Saturday, 1 June 2019

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