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The IMPRESS Legacy

Fifteen years ago the IMPRESS heralded a new era, and made the reclining harness accessible to a wide section of the public. The IMPRESS 4 continues this tradition, and yet again this new product will appeal to both leisure and cross country flyers as well as competition pilots – thanks to its unique features.

Some history

The breakthrough happened in 2004: a young Chrigel Maurer worked away in the ADVANCE workshop creating a competition harness with speedbag. His goal: simpler and less bulky than the few ‘canoes’ then available. It also had to work without the speedbag. At that time, nobody in Advance expected a commercial success for such a specialised product. Nevertheless, they did not want to hinder this motivated competition pilot in his endeavours, and produced several prototypes. That was the foundation of the IMPRESS and the exceptionally successful IMPRESS series.



New market

Functionality, easy to use and a relatively small packed volume were the factors of success, and a new market opened up. Thanks to the IMPRESS, harnesses with speedbags have become accessible to leisure pilots and thus to a wide public sector. IMPRESS success was an incredible motivation boost. Suddenly it was clear: there is a market for innovative harnesses.


Functionality, easy to use and a relatively small packed volume describes the IMPRESS Series.


Never-ending development

From the IMPRESS came the LIGHTNESS: a serial product emerging from Chrigel’s X-Alps harness. Chrigel’s passion – extreme Hike & Fly – puts new demands on a harness. Down with the weight: that was the order for the development team. Creative solutions were called for. What about no seatboard? First there were doubting frowns, then applause all round. The LIGHTNESS concept was not only a sales hit and trend setter; it was a major influence on the continued development of the IMPRESS line.



Two possibilities - one harness

With the IMPRESS 4 ADVANCE again revolutionise the harness market. It is the first harness that can be flown with or without its seatboard, without operating restriction or readjustment of the harness settings. The pilot decides for himself how he wishes to fly. In addition, it is the first fully-functional high end cross country harness with a drag-optimised tail spoiler, which will pack in every normal paraglider rucksack. Intended for the leisure cross country pilot right up to cross country champion and competition pilot: once more developed for the public at large.


Functionality, easy to use and a relatively small packed volume describes the IMPRESS Series.

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  • The IMPRESS Legacy

    2004: IMPRESS 1
    The first compact cross country harness with or without speedbag.

    2007: IMPRESS 2
    Revised version.

    2008: IMPRESS 2+
    Version 2 with certified protector.

    2011: IMPRESS 3
    First comprehensive cross country harness without seatboard, derived from the LIGHTNESS.

    2020: IMPRESS 4
    First fully-capable cross country harness with tail spoiler, for use with or without seatboard: fits in every normal rucksack.

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