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It is the lightest of its kind, and crafted for success. Based on the LIGHTNESS 2 the LIGHTNESS 2 XALPS is specially adapted for the challenges of this most spectacular of paragliding contests - all so that ADVANCE athletes Chrigel Maurer and Sebastian Huber can make their light, comfortable and efficient way to goal.

890 grams - a sensational weight for a fully-functioning cross country harness with built-in reserve stowage - carabiners, reserve handle and speedbag with carbon footboard included. While paraglider material was primarily used on the speedbags for past X-Alps harnesses, now the greater part of this LIGHTNESS 2 XALPS is made from similar fabrics. An ultralight, waterproof foil material (from the competitive sailing scene) is currently to be found inside the harness and on the reserve compartment. However, all harness geometry has been adopted, unchanged, from the serial LIGHTNESS 2. Like all ADVANCE harnesses the X-Alps version of the LIGHTNESS 2 was extensively designed using 3-dimensional technology.

The LIGHTNESS 2 XALPS is 100% customised, without a single adjustment buckle.

Chrigel Maurer

Patrick Bieri, responsible for ADVANCE harness development, has worked especially closely with the two pilots: their LIGHTNESS 2 XALPS harnesses have been individually customised for them, so that all strap lengths and speedbag dimensions fit their measurements exactly. Each of the pilots will fly with their particularly individual one-off solution. This means even more weight saving – there are no adjustment buckles.

  • Picture: Thomas Ulrich
  • Picture: Thomas Ulrich

These LIGHTNESS 2 XALPS harnesses are uncompromising X-Alps developments, therefore not suitable for serial production. Chrigel Maurer and Sebastian Huber’s harnesses are unique, and not for sale; but you can be sure that the knowledge gained from their development will find its way into subsequent products, so that all pilots will be able to reap the benefits of this enterprise.


X-Alps Series 2015

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