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Refinishing the Charly Finsterwalder buckle

22.06.2016 | The affected parts of the chest straps for the IMPRESS 1/2/2+ and SUCCESS 2+ harnesses can be removed and sent in for refinishing, so that these harnesses can take to the air again.


ADVANCE follows the recommendations of Charly Finsterwalder, so that the worn parts of harness buckles can be re-profiled in accordance with this manufacturer’s specific instructions. The DHV (German Hangglider Association) has refinished faulty harness buckles as recommended, and now cannot simulate an undesired opening of the buckle. The background to this correction work is a Charly Finsterwalder safety notice [LINK] relating to faulty CLICKLOCK- and T-LOCK buckles, as well as the subsequent safety bulletin from ADVANCE [LINK].

Owners of ADVANCE IMPRESS, IMPRESS 2/2+ and SUCCESS 2+ harnesses can simply remove the centre section of the chest strap with the two male parts of the buckles, and send it in a padded envelope for reworking.

Please be sure to supply a return address!

A guide for dismantling the chest strap can be found here, along with the addresses of approved places where this work may be done on ADVANCE harnesses:
Dismantling and refitting the IMPRESS 1/2/2+ and SUCCESS 2+ chest strap (pdf)

The flat, male tongue parts of the buckles can be reworked and sent back to the owner free of charge, within a week. You can refit this part of the chest strap system yourself.

Addresses to send to:

Uttigenstrasse 87
CH 3600 Thun

Finsterwalder & Charly
Pagodenburgstrasse 8
D 81247 München, Germany

France and the rest of the world:
Zone Industrielle
F 68830 Oderen, France