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Quick Fix for Finsterwalder Buckle Problem

10.06.2016 | If your ADVANCE harness is one of those affected by the safety notice a webbing loop will make it airworthy again.


Here we provide a simple “Do-It-Yourself solution” for all those ADVANCE harness customers who have been affected by the recent safety notice – usable for all the relevant harness models. The main aim of this Quick Fix is to get the affected harnesses in the air again as quickly as possible.

As a chest strap safety backup we recommend a 60 cm webbing sling, which is looped around one carabiner and hung in the other. This kind of sling is available in every climbing and outdoor activity shop, and costs about 5 euros. Instructions follow here: how to install the buckle Quick Fix.

The exact cause of the problem is, unfortunately, not yet fully understood – investigations continue. What is certain, however, is that it is not possible to remove the outside part of the buckle in order to replace it.

For its 28 years ADVANCE has put great emphasis on a prudent and careful choice of materials and fittings. That is why we deliberately use buckles from European high quality suppliers like Charly Finsterwalder. The subject Clicklock and T-Lock buckles have been on the market for 20 years and have proved highly reliable, so it is especially disappointing that these well-proven buckles should unexpectedly give rise to this safety-relevant problem after many years.

We apologise to all affected pilots for this situation, and the inconveniences that go with it.

As soon as more details are known we will issue more information.