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    • Product pipeline 2020

      18.09.2019 | At the 46th Coupe Icare ADVANCE announce the IMPRESS 4, SIGMA 11 and ALPHA 7 for next spring’s marketplace. [more]

      19.-22. September: 46. Coupe Icare (FR)

      15.08.2019 | The Coupe Icare takes place from 19. to 22. September 2019 at St. Hilaire du Touvet-Lumbin in France. ADVANCE will be there. We are pleased! [more]

      Frontcontainer ZIP Light

      11.07.2019 | Easy to close yet compact [more]

      Cockpit CARRY

      09.07.2019 | The new, modern, simple design Cockpit CARRY has distinguishing features. [more]


      26.06.2019 | A proud team ADVANCE congratulates very warmly to the 6th X-Alps victory in a row! [more]

      ADVANCE T-Shirt Monochrome

      07.05.2019 | Check it out! [more]

      New Team arrivals

      22.02.2019 | Victor "Bicho" Carrera and Jack Pimblett, two well-respected young pilots are joining the ADVANCE Team! [more]

      LIGHTNESS 3 Safety-related Product Update

      04.01.2019 | This safety notice only applies to the first LIGHTNESS 3s which were delivered in 2018. [more]

      Successful 2018 XC Season

      19.10.2018 | Our team pilots triumphed at World XC Contest level, became national cross country champions and achieved long-cherished dream projects. [more]

      New TUBEBAG

      18.06.2018 | Available at the end of June: Our new light Tubebag. Only 304 gm for a 280 cm length. [more]

      AXESS 4 – Elementary Allrounder

      08.06.2018 | The fourth edition of our popular seatboard harness comes out at the end of July! [more]

      Interview with Aaron Durogati

      01.06.2018 | We asked the likeable pilot about his ambitions and preferences. [more]

      The new LIGHTNESS 3

      30.05.2018 | The new LIGHTNESS 3 will be launched in Autumn. We have published the first details about the light XC harness here. [more]

      BIBETA 6: the trusty workhorse

      29.05.2018 | Our workhorse, specially bred for professional tandem pilots, has certainly earned its spurs. Since the introduction last year there are now... [more]

      New colour

      28.05.2018 | It goes with everything: our popular Logo Belt with ADVANCE lettering is now available in blue. [more]


      04.05.2018 | Prototypes were spotted: Erlkings are not exclusive to the motor car industry. Now they’re moving into the paraglider business ... [more]

      New Hoodie

      20.04.2018 | A sure-fire favourite: our American Fleece Hoodie goes with every leisure outfit and is ultra-comfortable as well. [more]

      PROGRESS 3 Safety notice

      09.04.2018 | Before flying with the PROGRESS 3 ADVANCE recommend that you familiarise yourself with the reserve throwing technique that is described in the... [more]

      DAYPACK 3

      05.04.2018 | New colours! The DAYPACK 3 everyday backpack now looks just like its COMFORTPACK 3 big brother! [more]


      22.02.2018 | Our ultralight STRAPLESS harness will now be offered in a version with a reserve container under the seat – for tandem pilots. [more]

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