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ALPHA 6 - Come fly with me

Spread your wings like a bird, step lightly into the air and simply fly away: the ALPHA 6 is your perfect partner for making this a reality. Latest technology combined with the highest quality materials ensure your pleasure and safety while you learn, and for long afterwards. Maximum flying fun guaranteed. ALPHA 6: Come fly with me.
  • Picture: Thomas Ulrich  // Location: Iseltwald Switzerland
  • Picture: Thomas Ulrich  // Location: Iseltwald Switzerland
  • Picture: Thomas Ulrich  // Location: Iseltwald Switzerland
  • Picture: Thomas Ulrich  // Location: Iseltwald Switzerland
  • Lift off with ease

    The ALPHA 6 benefits from a newly conceived lining design, with fewer support points and lines. This simple array is easy to see and quick to sort. The ALPHA 6 is straightforward to takeoff and fly. Weight is minimal, achieved by a sophisticated internal structure and state-of-the-art construction materials.

  • Easy
  • Flying safely

    Innovative design technology gives the ALPHA 6 plenty of safety reserves. High internal wing pressure is maintained by the combination of an “Air Scoop” leading edge and the traditional ADVANCE semi-circular air intakes. This feature ­gives the ALPHA 6 a very low stall point and unmistakably clear and progressive brake loading. The pilot gains a significant safety plus from these handling advances.

  • Safe
  • Sustainable fun

    The ALPHA 6 was not just designed for learning; it is especially suitable for what comes after. It’s intended for pilots who appreciate a lot of safety when combined with notable performance. Through its modern design technology – including “3D-Shaping” at the leading edge and an intricate diagonal rib concept - it demonstrates a very respectable performance level among A-Class wings.

  • Long lasting

Technology & Features

  • Reduced line setup

    Only three line levels and two gallery floors. Simpler and easier to see makes short work of line sorting. The completely revised ALPHA6 line concept results in 20% fewer line meters and 35 % fewer line items. Its hardly ecessary to point out that this considerable reduction in total line length clearly improves glide performance at trim speed and especially when accelerated.

  • Safer with a deeper airflow breakaway point

    Modern “Air Scoop Technology’ at the leading edge now applies to the ALPHA 6. Combined with the typical ADVANCE semi-circular intakes this feature results in a significantly lower separation point with clearly progressive brake loading. Brake travel is 15 % longer than the ALPHA 5 value, so passive safety is enhanced.

  • “Easy Connect System” for safer hook in

    The ALPHA 6 risers have a new "Easy Connect System", which helps the pilot hook in correctly by using a coloured marking system. This reduces the probability of the nervous beginner connecting a twisted riser, or attaching the risers to the wrong carabiners. For maximum compatibility among ADVANCE products the same coloured markings will also apply, in future, to all ADVANCE harness suspension points.

  • Big Ear system with “Quick Snap”

    Big ears made easy. The ALPHA 6 outer A-line has its own easily reachable riser, making it easy to pull effective big ears. Taking off with both A-risers in hand is also simplified by the “Quick-Snap” magnet system which holds them together on the ground. Line sorting remains child’s play. After pull up the risers separate and take up their flying position.

The ALPHA 6 is even easier, more simple to deal with and more enjoyable than the 5. It will delight beginners, but it will also appeal to pilots who understand that the term “school glider” is no longer applicable.

Cédric Nieddu, Parapente Mag


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fold faq

Why is the ALPHA 6 such a good beginner wing?

The ALPHA 6 demonstrates a high level of safety and very easy handling. This becomes evident even before takeoff. The new “Easy Connect System” helps the pilot clip into the risers safely and conveniently, for example.
In flight the ALPHA 6 has a marked desire to return to steady flight. This means that a novice pilot’s incorrect or overenthusiastic control demands only create modest energy changes, and the wing quickly returns to its original flying condition.
The ALPHA 6 is considerably lighter than the previous Alpha. In addition, stall characteristics have been further improved. The stall point is much lower, and can only be reached though markedly raised brake line loading.

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What makes the ALPHA 6 so easy to take off?

The ALPHA 6 takeoff is even easier than the Alpha 5 because it is lighter: a completely new line design and intricate diagonal rib construction inside the wing save many metres of line, and both these features reduce ALPHA 6 weight. Takeoff preparation and the takeoff itself both become simpler. The lines are quickly sorted, and the lighter canopy easily rises and remains above the pilot, without overshooting.

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How is the ALPHA 6 different from a basic beginner wing?

The inside of the ALPHA 6 wing partly consists of “Sliced Diagonals”. This elaborate technology, usually found in high classification paragliders, saves a lot of line by a more efficient sharing of canopy loads. Once again this contributes to noticeable A class performance improvement. In addition, the ALPHA 6 benefits from “3D-Shaping”. This achieves a very smooth profile surface in the critical nose area, improving airflow and performance. These qualities, plus an expanded weight range, clearly set the ALPHA 6 apart from a typical beginner glider.

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Can I continue to fly my ALPHA 6 after my basic training?

Definitely: it was designed with this specifically in mind. The ALPHA 6 has high passive safety. This means that it looks after itself and quickly returns to normal flight if the canopy is disturbed. Even in thermals the wing flies in a very stable manner, and transmits a sense of calm and reassurance to its pilot.
In addition to this the ALPHA 6 is easy to fly, and provides a real step up in glide performance as a result of its new line concept, and other refinements (see previous questions). The ALPHA 6 is one of the fastest A class paragliders and can provide a lot of great flying and valuable experience long after school is over.

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How can the ALPHA 6 be so robust despite its lighter weight?

New computer technology enables the stresses in the structure to be accurately simulated. The ideal construction material can therefore be specifically chosen for each part. The ALPHA 6 inner life could therefore be made very light but also strong. The “Smart Sail System” at the leading edge also contributes to strength and long life. Here the Ripstop fabric is exactly aligned with local tension to prevent fabric distortion.

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What is completely new in the ALPHA 6?

The ALPHA 6 has a new line concept and only three riser levels. It also has fewer suspension points than the last Alpha. These save materials and weight.
“3D-Shaping” to counter Ballooning Effect at the leading edge, and diagonals inside the wing both contribute to the ALPHA 6 clean and smooth upper surface: all these factors improve performance.
“Air Scoop” technology at the leading edge together with the familiar ADVANCE semi-circular cell openings provide higher internal pressure, which also means that a high angle of attack can be sustained for longer. These result in a distinctly lower stall point, associated with a clear and progressively increasing brake load. This contributes to ALPHA 6 safety.

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How could I use the extended weight range?

When developing the ALPHA 6 we kept the new generation of budding acro pilots in mind: so the extended upper weight limit of the EN/LTF-A classification for 22, 24, 26, 28 and 31 sizes lies around 15 kg above the recommended weight ranges. ALPHA 6 pilots can choose whether they prefer a glider with the best climbing performance of the normal weight range, or the handling of a higher wing loading. In an extended weight range the ALPHA 6 has a higher trim speed, and a more dynamic and agile flying characteristic. The ALPHA 6 keeps its EN/LTF-A certification in the extended weight range – testament to its innate passive safety.

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Does the ALPHA 6 have Paramotor certification?

The ALPHA 6 has paramotor certification (LTF 23 05) in 24, 26, 28 and 31 sizes. Technical data and information about use, flight behaviour and approvals can be found in the supplement to the ALPHA 6 manual. There are special Hybrid Risers for paramotoring.

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What makes ADVANCE products special among other paragliders?

From ALPHA to OMEGA a basic principle applies to all ADVANCE paragliders: when developing new products we always incorporate tried and trusted details acquired over our 25 year experience, along with the useful innovations. Our trademark winglets, for example. Even on the ALPHA 6 these are still reducing induced drag (vortex-effect) and improving directional stability. Or there’s the “Ring-Raff-System”: when turning is called for the ALPHA 6 wingtip is braked first, where the most effective yawing moment takes effect. This makes steering harmonised and precise, and handling more direct.
Together with our high demands on quality and passion for detail (for example the ALPHA 6 brake system featuring low friction rings for the lines, plastic-coated magnets and swivels for the handles), this principle creates fully-finished State-of-the-Art products.


  • ALPHA 6 2224262831
    Flat surfacem222.
    Projected surfacem218.920.622.324.427.3
    Recommended takeoff weightkg50-7060-8070-9585-110100-130
    Increased takeoff weightkg70-8580-9595-110110-125130-145
    Glider weightkg4.304.554.755.255.75
    Projected spanm8.
    Aspect ratio4.
    Projected aspect ratio3.
    Max. chordm2.652.772.883.013.19
    Number of cells3939393939
    Number of risers3+13+13+13+13+1
    Trim speedkm/h38+/-138+/-138+/-138+/-138+/-1
    Max. speedskm/h48+/-248+/-248+/-248+/-248+/-2
    Certification Recommended takeoff weightEN/LTF AEN/LTF AEN/LTF AEN/LTF AEN/LTF A
    Certification increased takeoff weightEN/LTF AEN/LTF AEN/LTF AEN/LTF AEN/LTF A
  • Leading edge Porcher Sport Skytex 38 universal
    Upper surface Porcher Sport Skytex 38 universal
    Designstripe Porcher Sport Skytex 38 universal
    Lower surface Porcher Sport Skytex Easyfly
    Main lines Edelrid A-6843-160/200/240/340
    Galery lines Edelrid
    Liros DSL 070
    Brake lines Liros DSL 070/FL 115
    Steering lines Edelrid A-7850-240
    Risers Techni Sangles Polyester 22mm, 1200daN
    Quick links Peguet MR Delta 3.5mm / S22

The weight of the wing can vary by up to 100g due to unavoidable manufactured fluctuations in the density of such light fabric.

In the air, the Alpha 6 is surprisingly agile and nice to fly for such a safe and solid feeling wing, whilst being reassuringly dampened and forgiving of incorrect or imprecise inputs.

Carlo Borsattino, Flybubble

  • Picture: Thomas Ulrich  // Location: Iseltwald Switzerland
  • Picture: Thomas Ulrich  // Location: Iseltwald Switzerland
  • Picture: Thomas Ulrich  // Location: Iseltwald Switzerland


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      Bottom sail: with this combination only a white bottom sail is possible

      Takeoff, handling, collapse behaviour, stability, performance and workmanship are faultless.

      Franz Meyer, Flugschule Diemtigtal



       Test the ALPHA 6 
      Test the ALPHA 6