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SIGMA 9 – Compact Power

The SIGMA 9 cross country intermediate excels in its maximum performance and precision. The distinctly compact wing conveys a feeling of well-inflated strength, especially when accelerated, and flying in thermally active air. The legendary SIGMA series stands for both tradition and progress. This ninth generation is again unmistakable in handling and design.
  • Picture: Thomas Ulrich  // Location: Azores Islands, Portugal
  • Picture: Thomas Ulrich  // Location: Azores Islands, Portugal
  • Picture: Thomas Ulrich  // Location: Azores Islands, Portugal
  • Picture: Thomas Ulrich  // Location: Azores Islands, Portugal
  • Picture: Thomas Ulrich  // Location: Azores Islands, Portugal
  • Picture: Thomas Ulrich  // Location: Azores Islands, Portugal
  • Picture: Thomas Ulrich  // Location: Azores Islands, Portugal
  • Picture: Thomas Ulrich  // Location: Azores Islands, Portugal
    • High performance you can use
      Comprehensive SIGMA 9 performance is the result of extensive analysis and perfect finish. The compact setup and high stability allow its exceptional performance to be used over the complete polar curve, even in difficult conditions. This means that you can make the most of the SIGMA 9’s considerable potential to deliver rewarding flights.

    • Advantages of reduced weight
      The SIGMA 9 is the lightest in its class. Its weight of only 4.55 kgs puts it alongside the light glider segment, thanks to the use of high quality materials and sophisticated design. The SIGMA 9 can be packed smaller, therefore easier to carry, but the reduced canopy weight also has beneficial effects on takeoff behaviour, handling and passive safety.

    • Legendary handling
      Ever since the first 1989 model the SIGMA has set the sport class benchmark with its sporty and lively handling. The SIGMA 9 lives up to the tradition. Turning is even more direct and precise, especially when centring a thermal at high angle of attack; and long brake travel widens the pilot’s margin of safety.

More SIGMA 9 background information: product presentation (pdf)


  • On se prend pour un oiseau, la SIGMA 9 réagit immédiatement à nos actions!

    Cédric Nieddu, Parapente Mag

  • The SIGMA 9 grabbed me instantly! The precision, agility and very useable cross country ability hit the spot.

    Pat Dower, Cross Country Magazin

  • Je me crois sous une Lamborghini!

    Cédric Nieddu, Parapente Mag

  • The turn initiation is great!

    Carlo Borsatino, Flybubble


    • The SIGMA 9 is delivered with the COMFORTPACK 2. Paragliders and harnesses are getting more compact and lighter, and we want to offer pilots suitable rucksacks to go with them. So we have further improved the popular COMFORTPACK and matched the volumes to our range of products. This work results in the COMFORTPACK 2; produced in 4 sizes; 100 Ltr, 115 Ltr, 130 Ltr and 145 Ltr. The new COMFORTPACKs come in one colour: chocolate with vivid blue.

      • Carbon Speedbar with lines
      • Innerbag
      • Compression strap
      • Repair kit
      • Mini-windsock
      • Booklet Getting started


  • SIGMA 9 23252729
    Flat surfacem222.525.127.029.0
    Projected surfacem218.820.922.524.2
    Recommended takeoff weightkg60 - 8575 - 10090 - 115105 - 130
    Glider weightkg4.554.905.255.55
    Aspect ratio5.805.805.805.80
    Projected aspect ratio4.
    Projected spanm8.
    Trim speedkm/h39 (+/-1)39 (+/-1)39 (+/-1)39 (+/-1)
    Max. speedskm/h55 (+/-2)55 (+/-2)55 (+/-2)55 (+/-2)
    Number of cells59595959
    Number of risers3+13+13+13+1
    CertificationEN /LTF CEN /LTF CEN /LTF CEN /LTF C
  • Leading edge Porcher Skytex 38 Universal 9017 E25, 38 g/m2
    Upper surface Porcher Skytex 38 Universal 9017 E25, 38 g/m2
    Lower surface Porcher 70032 Skytex 32 Universal E3W 32 g/m2
    Supported ribs Porcher Skytex 40 Hard 9017 E29, 40 g/m2
    Unsupported ribs Porcher 70032 Skytex 32 HF E4D 32 g/m2
    Lines Base lines: Edelrid Aramid A-8000U-230 / 190 / 130 / 090
      Upper storey: Edelrid Aramid A-8000U-130 / 090 / 070 / 050
      Brake lines: Edelrid Aramid A-8000U-190 / 070 / 050
      Steering lines: Edelrid Dyneema 7850-240
    Risers Polyester / Technora,13mm
    Quick links Maillon Rapide, 3.5mm Delta Inox S12
    Stitching thread Polyester
  • Test reports

    The german Flight Test Report is the original; the FTRs in other languages are only translations.


The weight of the wing can vary by up to 100g due to unavoidable manufactured fluctuations in the density of such light fabric.


Standard colours

Special colours
White bottom sail
selected color-code:
White bottom sail
Bottom sail: with this combination only a white bottom sail is possible


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 Test the SIGMA 9 
Test the SIGMA 9
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