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    • New sales structure in the UK

      12.01.2016 | We are very pleased to inform you that from now on ADVANCE will be working directly with the dealers and schools in the United Kingdom.[more]

      Testreport LIGHTNESS 2

      21.12.2015 | Gerg Hamerton flew with the LIGHTNESS 2. Read here the Flybubble testreport online[more]

      The new Hoody

      24.11.2015 | The new Hoody is here, in time for Christmas! High quality, cuddly to wear and tastefully detailed to look at this is just the thing for you[more]

      PI 2 in time for Christmas!

      10.11.2015 | Enjoy the freedom and the versatility – in the air and on the ground.[more]

      Try out the ALPHA 6 now

      03.11.2015 | Would you like to test fly the ALPHA 6? Take a look at the list of dealers who have demo wings available.[more]

      Fantastic 385 km with the IOTA

      02.11.2015 | Another great XC flight in Quixadá/Brazil. Congratulations to Polish pilot Łukasz Prokop for this great achievement with our High-End EN B glider![more]

      380 km with the OMEGA XALPS

      28.10.2015 | Dino Scheidegger realised a 380 km flight in Quixada/Brazil and shows the true XC potential of the OMEGA XALPS. Congrats Dino![more]

      NEW: Tech-Shirt

      15.10.2015 | Light, simple and comfortable – the new Tech-Shirt for ADVANCE pilots.[more]

      Serial Team Season Review 2015

      09.10.2015 | The 2014/2015 XC season ended on September 30th. This was a successful event for the ADVANCE Team Pilots...[more]

      New Products 2016

      22.09.2015 | Team ADVANCE announced the launch of the following at the recent Coupe Icare in St. Hilaire (F): the ALPHA 6, EPSILON 8, PI 2 and EASINESS 2.[more]

      OMEGA XALPS launch

      20.08.2015 | Following its double X-Alps success, production for the new lightweight high performer has begun. First deliveries are expected in end-September.[more]

      Speedbag Line Kit LIGHTNESS 2

      11.08.2015 | A small number of LIGHTNESS 2 customers have brought to our notice excessive wear on some speedbag lines. We have already prepared a free...[more]

      Spanish SIGMA 9 test report

      24.07.2015 | Here is the SIGMA 9 test report from the Spanish paragliding magazine VUELO LIBRE N°97.[more]

      ADVANCE en español

      23.07.2015 | Now the ADVANCE Website and Facebook pages are also in Spanish. [more]

      ADVANCE double victory at the X-Alps 2015

      14.07.2015 | Rookie Sebastian Huber has reached the final turnpoint Peille in second place to Chrigel Maurer, and helps ADVANCE to a double triumph in the...[more]

      Chrigel Maurer wins the X-Alps 2015

      13.07.2015 | Once again our sincere congratulations to Chrigel Maurer who has won the X-Alps for the 4th time in a row on his arrival at the Peille turnpoint....[more]

      New: Lifestyle

      10.07.2015 | New on our Webiste: The ADVANCE Lifestyle Accessories[more]

      IOTA Test Report in the Parapente+

      06.07.2015 | In the current magazine Parapente+ a report from the IOTA has been released. Quotes from this and other test reports can be found here.[more]

      OMEGA XALPS Designs

      03.07.2015 | Two pilots - two designs. Chrigel flies the X-Alps with a special design and Sebastian in the available series design.[more]

      219.48km flight with SIGMA 9 in England

      24.06.2015 | Tim flew on 24.06.2015 from Milk Hill White Horse to Thetford. With this 219.48km flight, he won a xc league special prize.[more]

    • 27. February 2015: THERMIK Messe Sindelfingen (DE)

      22.10.2015 | The THERMIK-Messe takes place fon 22. February 2016 at Sindelfingen (DE). ADVANCE will be there. [more]

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