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    • T-Shirts 2016

      12.05.2016 | The new ADVANCE T-Shirt collection is here – in stylish design and fresh colours![more]

      Sensational 329 km with an IOTA

      12.05.2016 | The new IOTA has decisively established itself as a High-End cross country wing! Łukasz Prokop flies the farthest ever with an EN B wing in...[more]

      OMIKRON: Film online

      09.05.2016 | The film and all the other information about the OMIKRON are online. You can order the new Infinity Machine straightaway from your ADVANCE dealer.[more]

      Light, lighter, STRAPLESS

      02.05.2016 | For the first time ADVANCE have developed an ultralight harness in the minimalistic discipline. [more]

      First EPSILON 8 Reviews

      28.04.2016 | Success all round ... that is the unanimous verdict of the first practical tests of the EPSILON 8 published in the media. [more]

      Online service COMPANION SQR

      22.04.2016 | With the myCompanion account COMPANION offers a unique online service for the SQR reserve system.[more]

      New well-known ADVANCE Teampilots

      05.04.2016 | The two French acro pros Eliot Nochez and Gaetan Doligez become ADVANCE Acro team members. As of now both fly the brand new ADVANCE OMIKRON acro...[more]

      Michi Müller with an OMEGA XALPS

      29.03.2016 | ADVANCE Team Pilot Michi Müller is now flying an OMEGA XALPS[more]

      Now test the EASINESS 2

      24.03.2016 | The first EASINESS 2 were delivered! Test the light reversible harness now at your ADVANCE dealer![more]

      The first PI 2 reviews are in

      22.03.2016 | It’s been on the market for a couple of weeks and we already have the first PI 2 test reports.[more]

      Now test the EPSILON 8

      21.03.2016 | EPSILON 8 demos are now available in all sizes for testing at ADVANCE dealers. [more]

      ALPHA 6 Test Reports

      15.03.2016 | First media tests and reports of the ALPHA 6 are appearing in time for the flying and training season. [more]

      Product update - EPSILON 7 and ZETA

      10.03.2016 | ADVANCE are adapting the EPSILON 7 and ZETA models to the latest safety standards. [more]

      OMIKRON: New Acro wing

      25.02.2016 | Can you do acro? We can! OMIKRON – once just a rumour, now it’s for real. In April ADVANCE launch a serial acro wing - for the first time in the...[more]

      EPSILON 8: Film online

      09.02.2016 | All technical data, features and the film are available now. First deliveries can be expected beginning of march.[more]

      New sales structure in the UK

      12.01.2016 | We are very pleased to inform you that from now on ADVANCE will be working directly with the dealers and schools in the United Kingdom.[more]

      Testreport LIGHTNESS 2

      21.12.2015 | Gerg Hamerton flew with the LIGHTNESS 2. Read here the Flybubble testreport online[more]

      The new Hoody

      24.11.2015 | The new Hoody is here, in time for Christmas! High quality, cuddly to wear and tastefully detailed to look at this is just the thing for you[more]

      PI 2 in time for Christmas!

      10.11.2015 | Enjoy the freedom and the versatility – in the air and on the ground.[more]

      Try out the ALPHA 6 now

      03.11.2015 | Would you like to test fly the ALPHA 6? Take a look at the list of dealers who have demo wings available.[more]

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