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    • OMEGA XALPS Designs

      03.07.2015 | Two pilots - two designs. Chrigel flies the X-Alps with a special design and Sebastian in the available series design.[more]

      219.48km flight in England

      24.06.2015 | Tim flew on 24.06.2015 from Milk Hill White Horse to Thetford. With this 219.48km flight, he won a xc league special prize.[more]


      23.06.2015 | The OMEGA XALPS has EN/ LTF D certification and can be bought as a Special Edition.[more]


      21.05.2015 | It is the lightest of its kind, and crafted for success.[more]


      07.05.2015 | Would you rather be flying or packing? This quickpack rucksack helps you concentrate on the essentials - flying.[more]

      In a Nutshell

      06.05.2015 | Some short and concise statements from ADVANCE X-Alps participants Chrigel Maurer and Sebastian Huber in preparation of the X-Alps 2015.[more]

      ADVANCE Team Meeting 2015

      29.04.2015 | The ADVANCE XC-Serial and Ambassador teams met in Fanas CH under the guidance of Kari Eisenhut for the start of the XC season. Know-how was...[more]

      Closure Remember System (CRS) on LIGHTNESS 2

      23.03.2015 | There have been one or two cases of the CRS opening in flight, and this also allows the speedbag to open. This is not a safety issue because the...[more]

      ALPHA 6 Spotting

      17.02.2015 | ADVANCE test pilots with ALPHA 6 Protos have been sighted in various parts of the European skies. [more]

      Two SIGMA 9s lead the FRC

      12.02.2015 | The Free Ride Challenge is a new fun competition format in Argentina, set up by Andy Hediger.[more]

      LIGHTNESS 2 Feedback

      11.02.2015 | By the time it reached the market the LIGHTNESS 2 had already gained a large fan base. Here we’ve put together some of the interesting feedback. [more]

      Test the IOTA now!

      20.01.2015 | Test the High-End EN B IOTA now! Demo wings in 26 and 28 sizes are waiting at our dealers for you to try.[more]

      Annual check

      19.01.2015 | It’s on again: from 1st January 2015 ADVANCE pilots can again benefit from the winter check incentive. [more]

      Happy New Year!

      24.12.2014 | We wish you a happy Christmas and many nice (flying) adventures in 2015.[more]

      Follow your Dreams

      05.12.2014 | Ueli and Thomas are back from their big South American adventure. Here is an impressive series of pictures of their LIGHTNESS 2 and SIGMA 9...[more]

      Back to his Roots

      04.12.2014 | Chrigel Maurer is again flying for ADVANCE. He will be working on the development of his 2015 X-Alps equipment. Welcome back Chrigel! [more]

      SIGMA 9 Reviews

      06.11.2014 | THERMIK, the most important German language paragliding magazine, has now tested the SIGMA 9 cross country intermediate. Find out more for...[more]

      “I never flew in a better harness than this!”

      29.10.2014 | The South America Adventure has begun! Ueli and Thomas tested the brandnew LIGHTNESS 2 in extremely harsh conditions...[more]

      LIGHTNESS 2 – development is complete!

      17.09.2014 | LIGHTNESS 2 development is complete! M size deliveries are expected to begin in mid November. Here are the main details![more]

      LIGHTNESS 2 at the Coupe Icare!

      12.09.2014 | ADVANCE will introduce its new top-of-the-range light harness at this year’s Coupe Icare, the LIGHTNESS 2![more]

    • 17.-20. September: 42. Coupe Icare (FR)

      13.05.2015 | The Coupe Icare takes place from 17. to 20. September 2015 at St Hilaire du Touvet-Lumbin in France. ADVANCE will be there. We are pleased![more]

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